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Looking for InMotion Hosting coupons and discounts? You've come to the right place! Take advantage of these exclusive deals and save up to 61% off new hosting plans from InMotion.

61% OFF Managed VPS Coupon

Reg.: $44.99/mo.  Our price: $24.99/mo.
Special pricing on managed VPS hosting plans for our visitors. No coupon code required.

  • VPS

50% OFF Reseller Hosting Promo

Reg.: $27.99/mo.  Our price: $13.99/mo.
Special pricing on all reseller hosting plans from InMotion Hosting. No promo code required.

  • Reseller Hosting

55% OFF Cloud VPS Coupon

Reg.: $34.99/mo.  Our price: $19.99/mo.
Special pricing on all Cloud VPS hosting plans for our visitors. Choice of CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian OS.
No promo code required.

  • VPS
  • Cloud Hosting

44% OFF Dedicated Servers + 2x RAM

Reg.: $189.99/mo.  Our price: $105.99/mo.
Special pricing on dedicated hosting plans for our visitors. Double the RAM on all dedicated servers. No coupon code required.

  • Dedicated Servers

37% OFF Managed WordPress Hosting

Reg.: $7.99/mo.  Our price: $4.99/mo.
Special pricing on all WordPress Hosting plans for our visitors. Includes a free domain name.

  • Shared Hosting

InMotion Coupons FAQ

InMotion Hosting Coupon FAQ

Founded in 2001, InMotion is a leading provider of web hosting services. Based in Los Angeles, CA, they have offices in Denver, CO, and Virginia Beach, VA. InMotion is one of the few major web hosts that has remained independent. The employees own and operate the company. Todd Robinson is the co-founder and president.

Which InMotion Hosting plan is right for you?

InMotion Hosting offers a full range of web hosting services to choose from. Choosing the right plan depends on various factors. This includes budget, website traffic and your level of technical expertise.

1. Business Class Hosting

This hosting type is perfect for small to medium websites. Even though it is labeled as “business hosting”, you can use it to host a personal site too. It’s perfect for static sites, CMS such as WordPress, or Prestashop e-commerce sites.

InMotion Web Hosting Plans
PlanDisk SpaceTransferWebsite(s)Reg.Our Price

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InMotion Hosting is different from their competitors. The bigger the hosting plan, the faster it is. So if your traffic increases a lot, you can upgrade to a larger plan to handle the load. No need to move to a dedicated server right away. InMotion will provide you with additional processing speed and physical memory.

2. Managed WordPress Hosting

The Business Hosting plan has everything needed to host a WordPress site. However, the WordPress Hosting plans provide a faster hosting environment.

Each plan comes with BoldGrid, an amazing suite of WordPress themes and plugins. It features a drag-and-drop page builder, an easy SEO helper, and automatic updates. The Power plan and the Pro plan come with a free license for JetPack Personal.

InMotion WordPress Hosting Plans
PlanDisk SpaceTransferWebsite(s)Reg.Our Price
WordPress Launch40GBUnmetered1$7.99$4.99
WordPress Power80GBUnmetered2$10.99$8.99
WordPress Pro120GBUnmetered3$13.99$11.99

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InMotion uses SSD storage and Nginx servers to make WordPress sites load faster. Nginx is a web server software similar to Apache but lighter and faster.

3. Managed VPS Hosting

InMotion’s Managed VPS Hosting service is great for agencies, business owners, and resellers. All plans include cPanel and WHM. The virtual servers are ready to host websites out of the box. InMotion Hosting takes care of the server management, updates, and patching. You do not need technical knowledge to use this service.

InMotion VPS Hosting Plans
PlanCPU Core(s)RAMDisk SpaceIPsReg.Our Price
VPS-1000HA-SUnlocked4 GB75GB1$44.99$24.99
VPS-2000HA-SUnlocked6 GB150GB1$84.99$39.99
VPS-3000HA-SUnlocked8 GB260GB1$154.99$59.99

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Unlike their competitors, InMotion does not limit CPU core usage by virtual servers. Each VPS has access to the CPU’s full processing power. However, if your website uses too much CPU, you will be invited to upgrade your hosting plan. Automated backups of each VPS are performed on a regular basis at no additional cost.

4. Cloud VPS Hosting

If you’re a developer or a system administrator, Cloud VPS Hosting is for you. Cloud servers are unmanaged and have no control panel. You have the possibility to install CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian Linux OS. Administrators get full SSH root access so they can use cloud servers for purposes other than hosting.

InMotion Cloud VPS Plans
PlanCPU Core(s)RAMDisk SpaceIPsReg.Our Price
Cloud VPS-1000Unlocked4 GB75GB3$34.99$19.99
Cloud VPS-2000Unlocked6 GB150GB4$74.99$39.99
Cloud VPS-3000Unlocked8 GB260GB5$144.99$64.99

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Unlike Managed VPS Hosting, Cloud VPS benefit from SSD storage. You can create your own server snapshots in order to recover from potential issues. Cloud VPS is cheaper than Managed VPS Hosting since it is unmanaged and needs no cPanel license.

5. Dedicated Servers

If you’ve outgrown the capacity of shared hosting or VPS hosting, it’s time to upgrade to a dedicated server. InMotion Hosting offers affordable, high-end dedicated servers. Choose between Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., data centers. Each of their data centers is close to the Internet Exchange Points in those areas.

InMotion Dedicated Servers
PlanCPUCoresRAMDisk SpaceReg.Our Price
EssentialIntel Xeon E3-1246 v348 GB500GB SSD$189.99$105.99
AdvancedIntel Xeon E3-1270 v6416 GB500GB SSD$219.99$166.59
EliteIntel Xeon E3-1270 v6432 GB2x500GB SSD$299.99$238.99
CC-500Intel Xeon CPU E5-2430616 GB2x500GB SSD$419.99$340.99
CC-1000Intel Xeon Silver 4110832 GB2x1TB SSD$489.99$414.49
CC- 2000Dual Intel Xeon Silver 41101664 GB3x1TB SSD$589.99$519.49

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Every dedicated server includes free SSD storage and a cPanel license. Administrators get two (2) free hours of “1-to-1 sysadmin time”.

Do I Need a Coupon Code to Get a Discount?

InMotion Hosting does not use coupon or promo codes. They use special activation links. Click the “Activate Deal” button that corresponds to the deal you wish to redeem.

After you’ve clicked on an activation link, scroll a little bit down the page. You should see a ribbon appear at the top:

InMotion Hosting Coupon Activation

This means that the discount is active:

Web Hosting Plans Shopping Cart Promo Activated

Note that the discount is valid for your first term. This is the case with most web hosting coupons from other providers. Select a longer term if you can afford it.

What Forms of Payments Does InMotion Accept?

InMotion Hosting accepts all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Paypal is accepted for bill items over $50 and cannot be used to make month to month payments. Payments by check or money order are accepted.

Does InMotion Have a Money Back Guarantee?

InMotion Hosting covers all six (6) month and longer-term plans by a 90-day money back guarantee. However, it doesn’t cover domain name registration and transfer. This is the case for every web hosting companies though.

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