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About HideMyAss VPN Service

The personal VPN with perhaps the most clever name on the Internet is Hide My Ass!, which lets you protect your identity by changing IP addresses simply by connecting to one of their VPNs. The company is used by hundreds of thousands of people every day to protect their online identities through a range of services, including a web proxy for anonymous surfing, and an advanced VPN encryption system.

Besides offering an impressive collection of security and privacy tools, the HideMyAss! Web site offers a useful and informative user forum. The HideMyAss! Pro VPN service is remarkably easy to use. It encrypts your Internet connection and works with any application or protocol. The service encrypts your Internet traffic anonymously for an extra layer of security, giving you the tools you need to shield yourself from spies, hackers, and anybody else who thinks that snooping on your online activity would be a good idea. It can be used to securely surf the web from a public WiFi spot, and the system has built-in country-switching. The service runs at gigabit server speeds for the best connectivity.

HideMyAss! doesn’t stop at the VPN service. Also available is a free proxy for anonymous online surfing, as well as IP:PORT proxies which work with any application that has proxy settings. You can also access free file and image hosting features for easy file sharing, and a free anonymous email service. HideMyAss! also offers a link anonymizer feature which lets you anonymously link to websites, and an anonymous search for hiding your Google search history and search results.

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