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.co.uk is the UK's most popular domain. It's the first choice for anyone looking to create and host a website for any business based in the UK.

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    .com is without doubt the world's most popular domain name and is ideal for anyone looking to build a new website where ever they may be based.

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      About 123 Reg

      123 Reg is UK’s largest domain registrar. Though they claim to be the top hosting provider as well, we haven’t found that to be the case. In 2017 GoDaddy acquired the parent group of 123 Reg, HEG (Host Europe Group) for almost $2 billion.

      All of 123 Reg’s data centers are located in the UK. This makes it ideal for companies that target an audience in that region, since it results in faster speeds and lower latency.

      One important selling point for their data centers is that they’re eco friendly. This is a big deal, since data centers consume massive amounts of energy that dissipates as heat. This has significant environmental implications and many data centers are converting to green technologies, which saves energy and is also a great marketing tool.

      123 Reg’s data centers also make use of the Cisco architecture with the layered approach towards flexibility and provisioning. They feature 10 Gigabit connections. This, combined with their UK centered approach ensures that customers in this geographical area will always have the best hardware at their disposal.

      Products and Services

      123 Reg’s services are pretty much what you would expect from a hosting provider these days. Being the largest domain registrar in the UK, it’s not surprising that their domain services are front and center, with domain transfers, bulk ordering, privacy services and premium domains.

      Next up, their hosting services include web hosting, WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla hosting, as well as the aforementioned “premium” services. They also provide VPS services, SSL certificates, and cloud backup solutions.

      A big part of their services is e-mail hosting. This is for when you want to move beyond just a gmail.com or a yahoo.com e-mail service and want to use your own domain name instead. Their personal and professional packages should be enough for all your needs.

      Disclosure: We receive a compensation from some of the companies whose products are presented on our website.