Clever Outdated SEO Techniques You Can Still Use

Clever Outdated SEO Techniques You Can Still Use

With SEO changing so much I’m very interested to know which methods are still working. One situation I’ve faced over the years is the changing face of SEO and link building. For example, several years back you had so many options available to you when building links like article directories, profile links, social media, blogging, etc. However, since people started to manipulate the link building and destroy the value of each, I’m not surprised that Google has changed what is valuable and what’s not. Many of the older strategies no longer work so you have to become more creative as time goes on. However, I’ve done my research and learned that some methods still work very well and I’m here to introduce a few of them to you right now.


What will we be discussing? Here are a few methods that you can still use and make a huge difference to your bottom-line:

  • Wikipedia: This method works well because it’s a reliable source of information and you can find expired links to then convert into a backlink to your site.
  • AdWords: Many people use this marketing platform the wrong way because they start to invest money right away. However, I approach it another way by looking at who is already marketing on their platform. I look at ways to make my titles better and approve my content =.
  • Reddit: Amazing for keyword research and can still be used to find relevant communities. Furthermore, you should tap into these communities and find guest posting opportunities, etc.
  • AllTop: A great site which is an all-in-one hub to find link building opportunities. This site will post the best content from all relevant websites. You should narrow down your opportunities by going through each.
  • External Linking: Linking to authority sites can be huge to gain a link back if they have the option enabled in Wordpress.
  • Internal Linking: Increase the overall value of your website by building links to other pages. Let the authority trickle down into other relevant pages on your site.

Let’s explore all of the strategies discussed above and your feedback will be greatly appreciated in the comment box below.


This is one of the best platforms to build links from since many people under-estimate the value of Wikipedia. It helps that Wiki is an open platform and visitors have control over what’s published. Now this doesn’t mean that you can get away with posting low quality content because you do have moderators, it just means that you have a solid link building opportunity right in front of you if things are done right.

When you browse over to Wikipedia, and open a relevant page, you’ll notice towards the bottom you have related links and external resources. These links are pointing to other blogs and websites that provide relevant information, but some do get expired overtime. This is the perfect opportunity for you to jump right in and add your resource. However, you have to make sure that you provide a link to a value piece of information that adds value for the reader. All these links are checked by Wikipedia and so can be rejected if they feel you have spammed. Not only that, but it will get you blocked from adding other links as resources if not done correctly.

It's time to head over to Wikipedia and start searching with your target keyword. Next, you should start skimming through the results looking for relevant content. Use to find links on the page that are dead and need to be replaced. Spend some time over the week doing research and changing whatever links you can going forward because this will help add value to your bottom-line.

AdWords Strategy

Google AdWords can be amazing if you know how to use it right to find keywords, campaigns and titles. I’ve just started to use AdWords, not, to setup marketing campaigns, but to see what titles convert the best for my competition. Thanks to, you can easily find out how many people have advertising campaigns and what keywords they are using. At the same time, you can also find out more about their ad copy, CTR and what they are paying. All I’m really interested in is the CTR and ad copy associated with my keywords because this will help me understand more about what visitors find attractive within the SERP’s. Within the search engine, you are really just concerned with CTR and why certain people get a higher click-through then you do. Obviously, you can conclude that they have a better title and description then you…right?

Head over to and type in your main keyword, then go to paid advertising campaigns. Here you’ll find all the people using AdWords and what is the best performing ad + CTR. It’s important you skim through all of them looking for ways to add keywords to your title and description. This works well because CTR will give you an idea of what people like to see when looking for information within the SERP’s. By adding these elements to your meta title and description, you’ll increase the chances of someone clicking through.

You have the option of choosing other tools to do your research so start by doing a quick search in Google to find other tools. (awesome)

Many people are under the impression that is a site to leave spam comments and that it has absolutely no value. However, just like, you can use this platform to find keyword opportunities and blogs which will accept guest posts, etc. For example, when I did a quick search in for nursing, I was able to find so many communities which have questions posted every minute. I can skim through each and find keywords and content ideas that have not yet been tapped into. If you have read my other content, then you know the importance I give to writing content that your competition has yet to write. This will give you an upper edge against your competition and allow you to solve a common problem within your niche.

With problem solving content, you can build traction easily and create a huge buzz online. This type of content also attracts high authority links which in the end will increase your entire rankings within the SERP’s. Just make sure when researching within that you focus on:

  • Relevance;
  • Type in your main keyword;
  • Spread your link building;
  • Leave a reply linking back to your content after.

As mentioned in the final point, when you are done writing your content, you can then build a link back to your content from within the community so people can click-through to the solution you provided. This has worked well for me in the past and is a great way to build SEO momentum.

Many bloggers have stopped guest blogging ever since Google announced that they will be no longer indexing them as a ranking factor, however don’t cut this strategy off just yet because it can still do a lot for the overall success of you content. Guest posting can even lead to high authority links from other websites which in-turn are indexed and will help increase your rankings. Just like I read the blogs of others, I’m sure high authority bloggers have their handful of picks too. This means if you get published on a blog and some other high authority bloggers feels it will provide a good resource to their readers, they might link to it. This will be great for your bottom-line simply because it’s a high authority link pointing to your page which will help you bump up within the rankings.

It's important if you will be guest blogging that you follow a certain sequence when getting started because you don’t want to spam or write low quality content because this will get you banned and others will stop accepting your content too.

Head over to and type in your main keyword, then start to skim through each. You’re looking for blogs that accept guest posts. After, you should pitch them some of your best ideas because this will increase likelihood that they’ll accept your proposal. Then, write high value content just like you would for your own blog and don’t forget to add two links within the author bio. This is normally allowed by all blogs accepting guest posts.

External Linking

Anyone who is blogging using WordPress might have a feature which is auto ping back. This means that when you link to a blog as a resource, they’ll automatically link back to you. This has happened to me twice and did help increase my overall rankings within the SERP’s. However, it can be hard finding these types of blogs so you should just genuinely link to blogs that provide value to your readers. However, you also have the option of using auto-pingback tools that will tell you what blogs have the option. But, you don’t want to go around linking to low quality sites because this will hurt you long-term. When it comes to building external links, I would focus on doing it naturally linking to sites that do provide your readers with resources and value.

Internal Linking

When Google changed their algorithm, they made it very clear that the entire value of your website will matter when ranking it within the SERP’s. For this reason, it’s very important that you build links to your entire site by connecting relevant content together. For example, when you are focused on a niche, you’ll be writing content which all closely related, and it’s important to connect what you can. Many people are under the impression that internal linking doesn’t matter, however this does help spread the domain authority throughout the pages.

I’m sure if you are using WordPress that you have done your research and know you have many plugins available which will help you accomplish a solid internal linking pattern. These plugins work by connecting relevant keywords that you type in together. They search for other content which have these keywords in them so they create a link with value resources which will provide information to your audience.

If you are operating a blog using WordPress, then head over to the control panel then plugins. Do a quick search for internal linking plugins so you can become familiar with a few which will help you get started.

Final Thoughts

Optimizing your site for search engines can be a very tedious task. It has become harder because many of the older methods don’t work because they have done nothing but spread spam across the internet. With that said, you have to dig deep to find some of the methods that continue to build online momentum especially within the SERP’s. Above I have explored a few which have worked wonders for me over the years and continue to help me achieve higher rankings within the search engines.

First, Wikipedia is one of the best ways to get links to your website because they are an authority site. Sometimes the links which are on the bottom will become dead-links so you can jump right in and build an external link. However, just make sure your link is solid and that you provide value. Secondly, use Google AdWords to learn about ad copies and what you can add into your title and description. This way you’ll be able to create titles which are high in demand and encourage a higher than normal CTR. Third, has been under-estimated by many because they feel people are posting spam comments. is one of the best ways to conduct keyword research because it offers some great communities and top notch questions people are asking. Once you have gathered some keyword ideas, you can head back to your blog and create high value content for your readers. The external and internal linking pattern is very important when building engagement. Many people feel that external linking does not do anything for your bottom-line, however many bloggers do use Ping back. This means they’ll automatically link back to your site when you link. One of the best ways to build the value of your website is by linking internally within your site.

It's time to get started now and implement some outdated but useful SEO strategies. Keep track of what’s working and what’s not. Then you can continue to optimize overtime.

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  1. Interesting but I guess Wikipedia is still widely used these day. Awesome tips here Rizvan! But don’t you think Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source anymore? wouldn’t that affect your site?

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