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About BigRock Hosting

BigRock is a global hosting company with branches in the US, India, and globally. In 2014, the Endurance International Group (EIG) snapped up BigRock, making an already large hosting conglomerate even bigger! Here is their management team and communication addresses:

Management Team:

Jeff Fox, Chief Executive Officer
David Bryson, Chief Legal Officer
Marc Montagner, Chief Financial Officer

Contact number: +1-866-573-0917

Communication Address :

10 Corporate Drive,
Burlington, MA 01803,

Datacenter Locations and Information

Unlike hosting providers who specialize in a specific geographical region, BigRock is not restricted to any one part of the world. They have a globally distributed server network, and this plays into their favor since it allows them to optimize requests arising from around the globe.

They also offer reseller services with full white-label features. This means that anyone can sign up for their reseller program and brand BigRock's servers and infrastructure with their own. Neither the servers, nor the IP addresses can be traced back to BigRock. This means that you can place your own brand in front and there's no way for your customers to know that the real servers belong to BigRock and not to you!

Domain Name Services

BigRock offers the full range of domain name services and sells the entire gamut of domain extensions such as .com, .online, .co, .net etc. It has everything from domain name registrations, to premium domain name services, and individual and bulk transfers. In short, a complete one stop shop for everything related to domains.

Web Hosting Services

BigRock seems to offer some of the cheapest shared hosting services I've come across. Even if you take into consideration that the prices on their website reflect a 3-year renewal period, they're still remarkably cost effective. What might be suspicious however, is that their "pro" plan includes unlimited everything - disk space, transfers, and websites. I recommend reading their terms of service very carefully since it's unrealistic for any kind of shared hosting plan to literally allow its users to have unlimited resources.

In addition to basic web hosting, they also have WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal hosting. WordPress of course is so popular that they have a separate section for it altogether!

A particularly interesting part of their web hosting services is the availability of the Varnish cache service. It's not something I usually see on shared hosting, but it can really speed up the delivery of your webpage. The Varnish website claims that it can improve content delivery by a factor of 300. But exaggerations aside, it's still a notable addition that differentiates BigRock from the Competition.

VPS Services

BigRock's VPS products run on the well known KVM hypervisor technology for its virtualization services. This is classified as "true" virtualization since each instance has its own separate kernel and doesn't share it with any other OS on the hardware. It also means that the resources allocated to on the VPS are guaranteed and will never be shared with any other customer.

Even if KVM comes at a slight performance cost, the fact that BigRock provides true virtualization is a good thing.

Cloud Services by BigRock

BigRock's cloud offerings use the well known "Ceph" storage tech that's quite hot in the tech world these days. It's open source, flexibility, with being software defined, and its unified storage make it ideal for cloud computing solutions that need to pool together resources from many different locations. The website data is stored on three separate devices, giving you excellent redundancy and failover capabilities.

One thing to watch out for is that BigRock only takes weekly backups of your cloud data automatically. You'll need to configure your own backup solution (and you should!) The cloud services dashboard allows you to provision new resources instantly and monitor the current usage of memory and processor power.

In short, BigRock has a pretty decent suite of hosting solutions. Some innovative ideas like Varnish hosting will definitely appeal to those wanting to squeeze performance out of the shared hosting plans. And the low prices are just icing on the cake!

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