Content Delivery Networks

Websites are sometime hosted on multiple web servers. A Content Delivery Network (or CDN) is used to achieve this.

A CDN consists of several web servers spanned across the globe. This provides faster loading speed for websites.

Find out the location of these servers and who is hosting them.

Nameservers & DNS Records

It is hard to find who is hosts a site protected by a third-party service. Such services include DDoS protection and Content Delivery Networks.

Find additional hints by analyzing nameservers and DNS records.

A name server acts as a "phonebook" for domain names. To get the IP address(es) of a domain, computers query a name server. Many DNS records other than the IP address address are available.

Mail Servers

Find out who hosts the mail servers. Analyzing this is another way to discover information.

To get the mail servers for a domain, computers query the nameservers. The MX (Mail Exchanger) records returned contain the mail servers hostnames.

Determine who is hosting the mail server(s). You may contact the provider to find out if they host the domain name too.

Website Neighborhood

It's important to know in what kind of web hosting neighborhood your website is. Find out which websites are in the same IP address range as yours.

In addition, our tool will try to detect common subdomains. This can reveal information on who hosts the website.

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